Photographs it’s one of the only things from your wedding you will be able to keep forever and your lasting memory.

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Get to bed at a decent hour the night before so you can be your best.

Get to bed at a decent hour the night before so you can be your best. For this reason, it’s wise to plan bachelor and bachelorette parties at least a week ahead of time.

Give yourself plenty of time to get ready.

You want to be able to relax and have a good time with your bridesmaids, not stress over whether you’ll finish in time. In this way, we will have more time to capture best pictures of you getting ready.

Have all your rings and other wedding details ready to be photographed in advance:

While you are getting ready Jakie will likely want to take photographs of the rings, your jewelry, your invitations, your shoes, bouquets, and any other special items you are using that day.

If you bought new shoes for the big day, be sure to break them in ahead of time.

Otherwise, you’re liable to feel awkward in them and have sore feet.

Take a few selfies.

These candid shots make a fun counterpoint to your photographer’s stylized professional shots.

Put your phone away.

Nothing is happening that’s more important than your wedding, OK?

Let’s stay close.

Being with you in the car allows me to capture some really intimate pictures.

Couple portraits.

You have to allocate 45 minutes extra for couple photographs. These pictures are the cherry on top of your wedding. Here we can get creative and create masterpieces.

Nothing is perfect.

Don’t get annoyed when something is going wrong. I have been to lots of weddings and I can assure you, that there is no wedding without little surprises. Over the time, these surprises make your wedding more interesting to remember.

Family pictures are important

If you have a large family then you have to plan how many group photographs we take. Concentrate on the ‘must haves’ such as immediate family and we’ll save lots of time

Let's work together for great pictures

If you have a particular idea, feel free to discuss it with me, we are a team!

Let me know about your plans

Did you prepare a surprise during the speeches? Some dirty dancing during the first dance? I need to know that.

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